Locker sitzendes Pyjama-Set in Grau

CHF 59.00


Breathable lounge wear finely made in Vietnam. Currently available online.

Our products are made from Muslin - a 100% plant-based material that is very lightweight. The special weaving technique used in the making of Muslin allows air to circulate freely thus enhancing the fabric’s breathability.

We carry 03 simple yet elegant designs in our classic line : pjamas set, boat-neck dress with open back and self-tie bow dress. These timeless designs emphasize our core value as a sustainble fashion brand - instead of following fast fashion trend, we only focus on the one that lasts as well as its impact on the environment.

Set 01 : Locker sitzendes Pyjama-Set (Lockeres Leinenhemd + kurze Hose)

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