Ocean blue feiner Wollschal

Very soft and warm scarf made of 100% fine wool

180 x 70 cm (length x width)

CHF 70.00

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Elephant Cross GmbH is an Indian-Swiss fashion company based in Zurich, founded in 2017. The exquisite collection of fine wool, cashmere and silk scarves combines the best of two worlds: The Indian love for timeless designs and colors with Swiss standards of quality and fair / ecological production in every step of the value chain. The motto “sinful without sins” stands for the goal of designing sustainable quality fashion that is primarily sensually beautiful and elegant.

Made from 100% fine wool, this blue scarf is soft, warm and inspired by a classic, minimalist approach to design

Our classic scarves are like the ‚little black dress‘ for women or the ‚white shirt‘ for men: a must for every wardrobe. They pursue a reduced, orderly design, use subtle colors, are warm, elegant and offer the wearer a classic appearance for every occasion.

The blue of this scarf was inspired by the Indian city of Jodhpur, also known as the ‚Blue City‘ or ‚Blue City‘. In Jodhpur, a wide sea of ​​blue houses stretches for several kilometers along the wall of the historic old town. Once the blue color only adorned the houses of the Brahmins, the priests, and thus emphasized them. But over time, the other residents also painted their house facades with the cooling paint, until finally almost the entire old town was immersed in a multi-faceted blue.


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